established 1985


Poems by Sandra

It’s Spring Again

The Earth having slumbered
Is beginning to stretch and yawn
Light and warmth are returning
And we can see patches of lawn

There is an overlapping of birds
Before the winter ones fly away
There is a delight of new songs
As the spring birds come back to stay

The trees that shuddered
And dropped all their leaves down
Are starting to form new buds
New life is appearing all around

Springtime triggers renewal
For the Earth and us alike
As new growth covers the land
Hope in us begins to spike

As much as I get tired of winter
I appreciate I live in a place
That has tangible season changes
And all these feelings I can embrace.

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2022

Remembrance Day

They marched into service
With pride in their hearts
Knowing that the work they would do
Would protect those they love at home

They marched into battle
With bullets flying all around
Knowing that as soldiers
They may not make it home

They march now in our memories
As we think of the sacrifices they made
Knowing that they stood for us all
Abroad and here at home

They march forever in our hearts
As we remember them today
For their bravery and their sacrifice
Much gratitude from my home.

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2021

For Kayleigh

Life is a game
With lessons to learn
And for each lesson
A quarter is earned

And with each quarter
You can play once more
And follow the path
You were always meant for

But sometimes the game
Isn’t as easy to play
you run out of quarters
and you lose your way

But all is not lost
The game doesn’t end
The level just took you
Where you didn’t intend

So just get to work
Earning quarters anew
And then that level
You can make it through

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2021

Labour Day

Too much work and too little sleep
Caused workers to take a stand
Eight hours for work, for rest and for play
Was the answer to their demands

And still we celebrate
The better conditions that were given
Although we still should wonder
Is this really considered living?

There are still many changes needed
To this system created long ago
As the world changes so should systems
Change, adapt and grow

And as we take a break today
To think of those who once fought
We should also look at the system
And give it even more thought.

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2021

Why I write

I write because my feelings get knotted up inside
The words I write often help get that knot to untie.

I write because there are stories that are filling up my head
Stories I think with lessons that are important to be said.

I write because its something I know just how to do
And something, since a child, I always wanted to pursue

I write because I want to share a little part of me
Who I am and what I hope, others can strive to be.

I write because my passion, is to show the power of word
Which, when used properly, can inspire when it is heard

I write because I need to, it is a driving force
It's not just a path to follow, it is my life's course.

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2021

Wildlife Day

Living free with the laws of the land
Then threatened by the humans’ hands

These animals deserve to survive
Not die because someone wants their hide

Eliminated because we want their home
Because we are not happy with the space of our own

These creatures who have no voice
These creatures who haven’t a choice

Deserve our respect and our concern
Still so much people have to learn.

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2021

Joy, Hate, Division

Joy, I’m trying to hold on to it tight
Hate, the darkness is trying to dim my light
Division, everyone deciding who’s wrong and who’s right
Words, being used as weapons to start a fight

Overwhelmed, as my thoughts continue to reel
Exhausted, is how my whole being feels
Confused, not knowing what’s made up and what’s real
Kindness, will always be my appeal.

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2021

To understand their needs and views

When we know better, we do better
At least that’s how we should grow
But change seems difficult for some
No matter what we now know

In a world where we hope for equality
We must put ourselves in other’s shoes
To feel things as they may feel it

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2020

Pink Shirt Day

Because of that black eye
Today I choose to wear pink
Because of those nasty words
I encourage you to think

Is what you say something
You would want said to you
And that which you take part in
Is that the right thing to do?

Bullies come in all sizes
They are both young and old
It is easy to be mean to someone
But it takes courage to be bold

So stand up for kindness
Don’t let others beat you down
Encourage acceptance of others
And spread that love around!

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2020

Looking Forward

As I look forward
I am blinded by the light
But is it from an explosion?
Or is my future really that bright?

There is so much uncertainty
When I try to look ahead
I don't know whether to run away
Or simply just bury my head

But if I really think about it
About what my future can hold
It isn't about what is happening
Or what lies are being told

My future is what I make it
What I focus my life to do
It is about the actions I take
And how I get myself through

And so I choose to see
The light I look toward
As a symbol of hope in the future
And a beautiful world restored.

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 2020

Our Protectors

The boys in blue are protecting you
From things that go bump in the night
The boys in blue investigate
A neigbourhood quarrel or fight

The boys in blue keep trying
To rid our streets of crime
The boys in blue are working
To make our world benign

But who protects the boys in blue
From the things that go bump in the night
And who will investigate
When they are injured in a fight

We must protect our protectors
That are working night and day
We must let them know that we care
They are out there day after day.

Sandra J. Wilson nee Haley ~ , 1984